Подарите мешок картошки на Новый Год, или день рождения - это отличный подарок, шуточный и функциональный!


Potatoes can be stored in a closed cardboard box in a cool place in an apartment find the coolest place and put there for a month - just enough missing bag for a family of three, with potatoes, nothing happens. Attention! potatoes can not be stored at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius or it will go bad. Temperature for storing potatoes could be two ... + 23 C, humidity 85-90%, closed to the amount of light and well-ventilated. The higher the temperature the faster the potatoes sprout at 23 C, it grows by about the 20th day, and it does not spoil.

Decide on amount of tons

YES, I want to order a bag or ton of potatoes

Получите скидку 50 рублей за привод друга!

Sack of potato
500 rubles per 32 kg with delivery!
Potato selective and large

Decide the time and place of delivery

Мы развозим картошку после рабочей недели на выходных, это позволяет нам удешевить доставку, застать вас дома и вместе с картошкой и доставкой уложиться в 500р. Но если вам необходимо срочно доставить мешок картошки в день заказа тогда доставка по городу будет стоить дополнительно 300 р, итого 800р. Заказ по телефону:

Order, prepare the money and a place to store and wait for the call

We offer Russian potato wholesale, at affordable prices.In the presence of a well Belarusian potato.

Belarus is a country in which the farm is well developed, the country is a neighbor to Russia. Our company cooperates with Russian farmers who produce only environmentally clean potatoes.

1 ton about 250 - 400 USD

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